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Aborted OBE (Etheric Body)

AC 217: December 6, 2002 (Boston)

This out-of-body experience took place during a nap. I never actually freed myself from the physical body. But I experienced the preliminaries. I heard the vibrations and felt bumped around by them. They were rather rough. At one point I felt as if I were lying face up (as my physical body actually was lying) in a kind of tunnel or sphere. The vibrations were swirling around me in patterns that I could see--radiating lines of energy that wove themselves together into a kind of mesh or network which entirely surrounded me. At this point I was getting really close to leaving my body. But my mind panicked: “You can’t do that. You’ll forget how to breathe, and then you’ll die!” That thought immediately brought me out of the state that I was in.

So, I’m still affected by some old panic-attack fears. Too bad. I’ll have to keep working on this. I wonder whether visualizing the webwork I saw during this experience might help me achieve an out-of-body state more regularly during naps. I’ll have to try it.