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Adventures 2012

The Pre-Life Preschool

AC 474: February 2, 2012 (Boston)

A visit to the Pre-Life Preschool Zone or Kindergarten for Souls. The word Kindergarten is German for garden of children, a place for children to get their start in life, to be prepared and nurtured for future growth. The function of the Pre-Life Preschool Zone is that of preparing souls for the new selves they will become in their next lifetime, just before birth.

First, the surroundings: a cluster of connected dome-shaped rooms. The lighting was bright, the primary colors pure and glowing. We were in the yellow environment, which represented the development of the mental body. There was also a red environment for the development of the etheric/physical body and a blue/green environment for the development of the astral/emotional body.

Groups of what looked like children (souls preparing for reincarnation) were led by what looked like adults (Facilitators) through a round of play stations in which various intellectual abilities required during life were rehearsed. There were stations for literary, musical, and artistic abilities; others for constructive and engineering abilities, science and mathematics, general problem-solving skills, family and domestic economy. Each child soul had something like a stick figure windup toy in the breast pocket of its uniform, representing the master plan for its growth. The Facilitators made sure that the windup toy was in good working order so it would naturally guide the child soul in the direction of the mental abilities it would require in life.

The child souls were already differentiated by gender, based on the physical body they would inhabit in their next life. They all had the sleepy, dreamy, half-awake look of four-year- olds and shuffled along contentedly, easily herded by the Facilitators. I think they were between worlds. Their mothers were pregnant and they split their time between entering the fetus in the womb to get used to being in a body and being prepared for their soul’s growth after birth while in the Pre-life Preschool.

Most of them watched their respective windup toys with little understanding of what they were seeing. They were already forgetting or losing consciousness of the between-life state.

There were several dozen child souls under the care of one Facilitator and numerous dome clusters like the one I was visiting. The child souls were all of the same level of soul development. However, most of them were not connected to one another in any way that indicated they would meet up in the next lifetime. They all seemed unaware of each other and of the Facilitators who guided them.

One Facilitator stood out as the Administrator of this cluster of domes. He reminded me of a German man I’d met years ago on one of my visits to Germany–a clue whose significance only became clear after I awoke.

I watched as the Facilitors began to herd groups of children into a central area in the midst of the three domes. The children seated themselves at cafeteria lunch tables, as if for a snack. I wondered what they were doing, since food is not a requirement in the between-lifetimes state. The Administrator responded.

“There are two reasons for what you see. First, some of these children have been out of circulation for a while. They move between the bodies–the modules of the Pre-Life Preschool–to get used to paying attention to the needs of these levels of their being, as well as to reinforce the learning required by the master plan for their growth at each level before being born and having to take full responsibility for realizing this plan.

“Second, when their mothers eat, their physical bodies are flooded with a rush of peaceful, sleepy hormones, and it’s difficult for them to pay attention to what’s going on at the soul level of their being. In a sense, they fall asleep here so they can bask in the flow of nutrients into the physical body–and this will help them adapt themselves once again to having such a body and keeping it alive through ingesting food.”

“If they’re all taking their snack at once, their mothers must be eating at about the same time on the physical plane.” I remarked.

“Yes,” the Administrator replied, “you could say that this cluster of domes represents a group of children of the same level of spiritual development who will all be born at about the same time in a certain geographic area, where the cultural norm is to eat at certain times. Many areas of the Afterdeath Zone are relatively uncoordinated with time as expressed on the physical plane. But this area is more closely associated with clock time–again as a means of supporting child souls in adapting to the conditions of physical life before they are born.”

I became aware of a male child soul who was not participating with the others in snack time. A Facilitator was playing with him. He was setting out the child soul’s windup toy. I watched as a window of sorts opened up in the midst of the done and its play stations. The stick figure seemed to be walking straight ahead through a green landscape of rolling hills. Sometimes a path was visible, widening into a dirt or a paved road, then breaking off and disappearing. The stick figure just kept right on going, as if it had an internal global positioning system that kept it true to its goal, no matter the terrain it was crossing.

The Administrator commented on what I was seeing. “The master plan for each soul’s growth looks like a stick figure to you because there are many equally valid ways of filling it out. Such a plan lays out a path back to the Source–or as much of that path as a soul can pursue in the course of a single lifetime. The straight-line approach represents the most direct way to fulfill that plan, with no deviations or detours, no getting lost and having to find your way back.

“Every soul has an inherent awareness of the direction to move that will bring it closer to the Source. This is the increase of life force that produces a feeling of happiness. No matter the ups and downs of physical, emotional, and mental health, that sense of increasing life force and happiness can always guide you in the direction of the Source, of realizing this lifetime’s plans for your growth. This will be true even during periods when the path seems to disappear or when the way you chose seems as easy to walk as a paved road, but actually leads you somewhere else.

“Once born, people are liable to lose their awareness of the plan for their growth–even though we take every opportunity of rehearsing it at all three levels here: physical, emotional, and mental. But the internal GPS that could guide them back in the direction of the Source remains constantly available if they would just take the time to notice what makes them genuinely happy, what truly and deeply satisfied them–rather than pursuing what society and family, or their own ambitions, tell them will make them happy.”

I found myself wondering about the ratio of Facilitators to child souls in the Pre-life Preschool. In the central area, where larger groups were having their snack, there were no more Facilitators on duty than there would be lunch monitors in an elementary school cafeteria. Yet here was this boy soul getting individual support from a Facilitator. The demands of such work seemed immense to me.

For example, if I assumed that I was watching the children about to be born in a particular month in the Eastern time zone of the United States, even making an allowance for the relatively restricted number of mature or old souls of a particular level of development, there would still be vast numbers of child souls to care for here–who knows, maybe up to a million, or more. The number of Facilitators required to staff just this one department of the Afterdeath Zone would be staggering.

The Administrator was amused at this trend in my thinking. “You forget,” he said, “consciousness here is not limited to a single iteration occupying just one apparent form. Even in physical reality, the same soul can be incarnated in several disparate locations simultaneously. But here, consciousness can replicate itself as many time as its presence is required, seeming to be single to the observer, and not seeming to split attention or focus for the Facilitators, no matter how many iterations of their being may be required to deal with the needs that surround them.

“The Facilitators’ level of development does have something to do with their responsibilities. The more advanced levels, such as the Administrators, can manifest themselves simultaneously everywhere they’re needed within the zone for which they’re responsible. Indeed, they often create and sustain that zone from an expansion of their own consciousness and are everywhere within it, manifesting an apparent form as needed by any other consciousness participating in the learning and growth offered by that zone.

“Less-evolved Facilitators can also replicate themselves a few times, but will often feel stretched by such demands. In fact, they sometimes incarnate in physical reality to get a rest from feeling stretched in this way, finding a certain relief in only being in one place at a time. On the other hand, the Administrators may incarnate less frequently because their experience of identity is no longer so limited. They have a clearer notion of the portion of the Source that is the core of their identity and are more used to living from the mind of the Source without losing an awareness of that core. However, they may grow weary of sustaining a zone with their consciousness and incarnate on the physical plane for a rest.”

I mused on these revelations, which expanded my understanding of how advanced consciousness operates in nonphysical reality. No wonder the Administrator and the Facilitators working under him looked like adults, compared to the child souls who were under their care. Their responsibilities were inconceivable, compared even to those of a CEO of a major corporation here. How many such CEOs truly had the well-being of every one of their employees constantly on their minds and would care to meet with each one personally to encourage them to do the best job they could do?

Then I found myself wondering why I ended up here. Ordinarily, my visits to Otherwhere are inspired by a question I needed to resolve or a mission of some kind. I could think of nothing in my recent life that would have triggered this visit.

“It’s your birthday,” the Administrator broke into my thoughts with a gentle smile.

“Well, not exactly,” I replied. “I still have two days to go.”

“Yet,” the Administrator continued, “it was a longstanding tradition for you to have an Otherwhere adventure in conjunction with your birthday, which occurred anywhere from a week before to a week after. You could call it a celebration, from this side, of your life purpose as an explorer of nonphysical reality.”

“That’s true,” I replied, “although in recent years I’ve been less aware of the pattern.”

“Well,” the Administrator said, “it was thought, on this side, that you needed a little cheering up after your recent adventures, which caused some unpleasant emotional reactions during the integration process. What could be more cheerful than watching child souls preparing to be born?”

“They don’t know what they’re in for,” I said. “Though I must admit the environment here is certainly stimulating in a hopeful sort of way. I suppose that’s the life-purpose element.”

“Indeed,” the Administrator responded, “this is our last chance, from this side, to instill its importance into them before the travails of the birth process cause them to forget who they are. It is stressful to leave the comparative safety and security of nourishment in the mother’s womb so suddenly and having to deal with the realities of being in a physical body, from hunger to gravity.

“We try to make this final stage before birth as pleasant and attractive as possible. Maybe that will help them self-remember later in life. What, after all, is the paradisal state they’re always seeking and attempting to restore over there–and that they may at times be tempted to return to here by acting out a death wish–but the heaven that they remember, where everything is possible to the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and there’s a clear sense of direction in what to achieve and how to achieve it?

“This is the birthright of every human being. It’s no small gift to be reminded of it. For years, you’ve used your birthday as a symbol of realigning yourself with your life purpose in one of its many areas. This year, the celebration was less clear to you, so we stepped in, from our side, to honor your life purpose as an explorer of nonphysical reality.

“You’ve been so focused on the Rehabilitation Zone in recent adventures, in connection with the reclamation of your friend who committed suicide a few years ago, that the Overseers wanted to offer you a counterbalancing picture of what souls on this side are working toward. So here I am to show it to you and explain it.”

I was touched. I had indeed been having a hard time integrating my last two adventures, which involved that friend. I knew my difficulties reflected an inevitable process of expanding my understanding of who I am and what I’m capable of, from the highest levels of my being down into the lower bodies, which were resistant to change. From past experience, I also knew this process would pass. Yet the fact that my struggles were noted by higher powers and that they had responded to ameliorate them made it so much easier to bear them. I felt deeply grateful–and then I awoke. It was 3 A.M.

[It is possible that the area I visited was associated with Germany, hence the Administrator who reminded me of a German acquaintance. German time is six hours later than East Coast time, which meant that my adventure took place before 9 A.M., German time–not an unreasonable time for breakfast.]