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Escaping from the Dragon (Etheric Body)

AC 232: March 27, 2004 (Boston)

I seem to have been fighting off a cold for the last several days. Last night I went to bed at 11 P.M. and woke up several hours later drenched in sweat.

I must have been a little feverish, because I experienced something very strange. I was apparently sleeping on my stomach. I had the sense of being inside a huge snake or serpent with the head of a dragon. The serpent’s rib cage was imprisoning me like bars in a jail. I seemed to be surrounded by a dusky reddish pink light, as if I were inside the stomach of the serpent.

The serpent was also resting on its belly, with its dragon’s head arched over my head. This head was covered with iridescent jewel-like scales. It had a beard and deep set flashing eyes. The skull was shaped roughly like that of a dog.

In order to get out from under the serpent, I had to do an elaborate maneuver of flowing twists and turns--out from one side of the rib cage, up and over the serpent’s back, down and turning on the other side, rolling clear, and then using my momentum to get myself up and out of bed. I woke up just as I reached the point of putting my feet on the floor.

There was such a smoothness to this rollout that I wondered when I awakened whether I was momentarily out of body. The dragon was my overheated physical body. Rolling out is a technique of getting out of body described by Robert Monroe in Journeys Out of the Body.

Dragons in folklore are considered to be both ancient and wise. The dragon in my dream was an image of my body consciousness--so its ribs were actually my own. I needed to get my ego out of the way so that I could allow the wisdom of my body consciousness to take over and heal me of the impending cold. My ego felt imprisoned in my sick body. So I found a way to roll out of body to allow this healing to take place. Too bad I woke up so soon.

[In Theosophy, the body consciousness is sometimes called the physical elemental. It's a consciousness of its own, separate from the physical body. It guides the growth and healing of the physical body. I must have transferred my consciousness to the etheric body to free my focus of consciousness from the physical elemental.]