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Initiation Trial (Causal to Buddhic Body)

AC 255: April 5, 2006 (Boston)

This dream happened in the night’s first sleep cycle. I awoke from it at 1:30 A.M. It had the same strange and unfamiliar feel about it as one that occurred a couple of nights ago at about the same time.

I was in a room that resembled the living room of my grandfather’s house in Colorado. There were six or so people in the room, all of whom seemed familiar to me. I recognized them as my support team on the other side, although I rarely see them all together at the same time. They were there to support me in the performance of a specific task.

In the center of the room on the ceiling was an elaborate lighting setup, resembling the stage lighting for a theater. The lights were in five levels, tapering in complexity from top to bottom like an inverted pyramid.

Each level contained lights, mirrors, and colored gels. The colors were: red for the most complex layer, then orange, yellow, green, and blue-violet for the simplest. There were many lights and mirrors at the red level, and only one at the blue-violet level.

I felt a sense of challenge, of not knowing whether I could do what was required of me. But the whole thing happened very quickly.

I suddenly heard a huge OM that completely filled my mind, as if I’d tuned into the yogic “sound of the absolute.”  As I heard the OM, I directed my attention to the light fixture.

Somehow I converted the OM into light and channeled it through the light fixture. As the OM hit each level, starting with the red one at the top, the colored lights turned on. I fed the OM into the lights, which were reflected back and forth by mirrors until they’d achieved laser-like intensity.

At a certain point, each light would beam out from the fixture at a particular angle, different for every level. The blue-violet beam was the most focused and intense. While this was happening, I experienced the OM as both light and sound, and each level not only as colored light, but also as a different tuning or timbre of the OM.

The levels presented completely different challenges and degrees of difficulty. Red was the easiest, and blue-violet the most difficult. Yet the whole process only a took a moment.

When all of the lights were active, I felt completely turned on, awake, aware. It was an illumination experience, the most amazing sense of clearheadedness and lucidity. I felt simultaneously fully aware on five different levels of being.

Everyone in the room applauded. I’d successfully completed the task.

I felt surprised over having done what was required of me so quickly and easily. I got the idea that it was in fact something rather difficult to do.

I’m still not sure what I accomplished. But there was a sense that this was one of a series of graded tasks. So I think that I was probably in a simulation. The Colorado setting was probably to emphasize something about how our experience of the absolute (OM) is colored according to our level of perception (Colorado means colored in Spanish).

The OM seemed multidimensional. Maybe I needed to understand how the absolute expresses itself on different levels of being, while maintaining my sense of oneness with it. In yoga, all levels of being beyond the that of the absolute are maya, or illusion, which is probably why I saw the light fixture as theater lighting.

Theosophy teaches that there are five energy bodies or planes of being that we humans can operate on (although the last is considered to be a rare achievement): the physical, the astral, the mental, the causal, and the buddhic.

Red could symbolize the physical, as it’s often associated with the root chakra and grounding in the physical body. That was the most complex level of lighting, perhaps symbolizing the most complex level of maya or illusion.

I’ve read that yellow is the color of the intellect, and could perhaps be associated with the mental body.

The buddhic level is the called the plane of unity, and presents us with the challenge of experiencing our oneness with all life. I know from my reading that this is a very intense lesson. Perhaps this is why the blue-violet beam was the most intense, and why it was associated with only one light.