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Behind the Scenes Glimpses of the Dream Zone (Astral Plane)

AC 252: February 25, 2006 (Boston)

I had two dreams this morning that involved getting behind the scenes glimpses of the Dream Zone.

In the first one, I was heading for home on foot from the area around my friend Alan’s house. The sidewalk was slippery with melted snow and ice. It often disappeared among the twists and turns of the road.

I was a little frustrated by a pair of women in front of me who were walking slowly. I wanted to get around them. At last, I took a turn up a footpath rather than continue along the road.

I found myself in the midst of an elaborate mechanism that appeared to be a multilevel train set. A man who looked to be Asian-American stood in the backyard of a fairytale-style house on the other side of a fence. He seemed to be directing the movements of the trains.

At the moment, the trains were at rest while some repairs were being made to the tracks. I greeted the man. He surprised me by saying he was immortal. End of dream.

This man was a Personal Trainer. The train set represented my present state of mind (trains of thought), which were under repair.

I was on my way toward the waking state (home) when I took a turn out of the dream and saw its mechanism, how it was being managed from behind the scenes (backyard) by the Personal Trainer. His remark about being immortal was an indication that he was a Facilitator (i.e., a permanent fixture of the Dream Zone), as opposed to a dream character.

At another point during the night, I experienced a transition between dreams. I entered a stream of dark water and swam upstream under a bridge, from one dream environment to another.

My swimming was directed by thought rather than action. I was maneuvering myself through the energy stream (water) with my will or intention, rather than the action of moving my arms.

Meanwhile, there were people going the other direction at regular intervals. I thought at first that they were otters (ought-toos).

These were people being carried naturally on the flow of the energy stream from one dream area to another. All I saw was the top of their heads. They were barely conscious, almost completely submerged in the dream environment, without much awareness of where they were. Their presence in the Dream Zone was controlled by things they ought to be learning or doing.

On the other side of the bridge was a pool with a fountain in the center--the source of the dream imagery for this particular energy stream. I’d come to the source. But that’s all I could remember.

The dream that I left in order to swim upstream had to do with trying to get to the source or underlying meaning of things I’ve been reading about the kingdom of faery. I’ve been trying to understand whether Celtic fairy traditions are related to things I’ve experienced in my adventures in consciousness.

The two dreams combined were trying to show me that fairy imagery (fairytale house) and my adventures in consciousness have the same source in the zones and inhabitants of nonphysical reality. Fairies are sometimes portrayed as immortal, or very long lived. This may have something to do with the Personal Trainer’s remark about being immortal (or one of the immortals).