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Astral Ashram Orientation

AC 426B: November 6, 2010 (Boston)

[Part I]

I'm posting this adventure in consciousness in three parts because it's rather long. The purpose of this message is an orientation to what follows.

In 35 years of exploring nonphysical reality, which I call Otherwhere, I've come up with a rather detailed map of different regions or zones and am always discovering new ones.

These regions are classified by degree of subtlety, as far as the "matter" of which they're composed is concerned. For convenience, I use the theosophical system of planes to differentiate between levels and the different energy bodies required to access them. Each plane is associated with a different energy body, which has its own range of inner senses. The astral plane and body are the easiest for most projectors to access, whether in dreams, meditation, or OBE.

Beyond the astral plane is the mental plane, which is harder to reach, requiring a different body and a higher level of control and lucidity. It's possible to visit the astral plane from a higher body, resulting in extremely lucid accounts. This is one reason why my adventures tend to be longer and more detailed than those of many experienced projectors.

My new book, The Multidimensional Human, is about how to develop the inner senses of the astral body and the mental body so that projections become more lucid.

The two divisions of the astral plane that I'm most familiar with are the Astral Plane Dream Zone, where we go when we dream, and the Astral Plane Afterdeath Zone, a set of early stages in our journey through the Afterlife, often having purgatorial aspects.

At the highest level of the astral plane is a region called Summerland by theosophists and spiritualists. It's always a perfect temperature, cloudless sky, sunny, green, pleasant to be in. Summerland represents the rest period for souls who have completed the astral plane stages of the Afterlife. It is also host to what I call the Astral Plane Ashram.

This ashram is a gathering place for more advanced souls who are working in the body or between lifetimes, often in the role of Guides for dreamers and the dead. It's a place of rest and recharge, of communal interaction, and of instruction and assignment for missions of various kinds.

What I call Summerland may be similar to the Park that Monroe Institute graduates speak about.

My belief is that most advanced projectors are among the spiritual workers who have access to the Astral Plane Ashram. The Dream Zone also has areas for instruction, but the learning there is more generic, having to do with ordinary human challenges. In the Astral Plane Ashram, the learning has to do with who one is, what one's mission is--a process of self-remembering what we forget during the birth process and a result of our upbringing and acculturation.

So I offer this adventure as an invitation and a challenge. As you read what I've written, note your feelings about it. Any feelings of yearning and recognition could actually help you get there. They represent the energetic equivalent of a nonphysical address, what Monroe would call the ident of a place. Hold those feelings in mind when you're falling asleep at night and ask to go to or be taken to the Astral plane Ashram and see what happens. The imagery I've provided may help, but it's the energy behind the images that is truly real.

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