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Meta-Astral and Meta-Mental Bodies

AC 432: December 26, 2010 (Part 5)

[In part 1, I visited what I call the Astral Plane Ashram and met up with an Administrator (a level of human consciousness evolution beyond that of Facilitator, which is itself beyond that of most embodied humans). She explained the concept of transcendental souls, which is an alternative term for incarnated Facilitators–those who come back to Earth to learn various lessons, to teach, and to act as grounding agents for energetic overlays designed by the Overseers (the highest level of human consciousness evolution) who guide the development of our planet.

In part 2, the Administrator explained the functions of the Astral Plane Ashram, which I perceived as a Welcome Center. She discussed the correlation between the seven subplanes of the astral plane and the seven chakras of the astral body.

In part 3, the Administrator continued her explanation of this correlation, going into detail about the four lowest subplanes of the astral plane and how they’re experienced by Shades (the dead), Dreamers (people who are alive and dreaming), and Rangers (fully conscious explorers of the astral plane).

In part 4, the explanation continued with correlations between the fifth, sixth, and seventh astral body chakras and subplanes of the astral plane.

In the present part, the final portion of this adventure, I learn the difference between the two bodies available for exploration of the astral plane. One body is limited to the level it’s mastering, the other can see through and move freely between all levels of the astral plane.]

“I have a question based on my understanding of theosophical teachings,” I said. “As mentioned, I sometimes use the analogy of a collapsible outline program to explain the relationship between the astral plane as most people experience it and the astral subplane of the cosmic physical plane.

“In this analogy, the cosmic physical plane has seven subplanes, which correspond to the seven planes of our system as we usually conceive of them. The seven subplanes of our astral plane are like subheadings that collapse into the highest level of the astral plane, which is itself a subheading that collapses into the highest level of the cosmic physical plane.

“My question is this: whether the subplanes of the astral plane below the highest, the Summerland plane, are discrete levels without access to each other or whether they overlap in a hierarchical order. I’ve played with the notion that mastering the fourth subplane means you can travel freely on the three subplanes below it, and so on.”

“The mastery of the fourth chakra does not imply mastery of the three lower chakras,” the Administrator replied. “I hinted at this earlier when describing individuals who were missing the fourth and fifth chakras.

“In the process of mastering the astral body, the stages do not necessarily progress in the order of the chakras from first to seventh. Aspiring projectors often begin from either the sixth or the seventh chakra and fill in the gaps in their understanding of the functions of the others in whatever order seems most beneficial and productive. The inner-sense blackout in connection with the first chakra, as described previously, can often be deeply disorienting because it shuts off the sixth chakra’s gift of coherence and intelligibility.

“For the purpose of mastering any of the chakras, you may experience the subplane associated with it as a discrete state of consciousness unconnected with the others. Some astral plane simulations provide such an experience. They’re like exercise machines designed to isolate and work out a particular muscle. But there’s no hard and fast rule about the order in which you do the machines in the circuit, so to speak.

“Rangers who have mastered the astral body will probably travel on the astral plane in some higher body. They may not even notice the levels I’ve described here. The astral plane will spread out before them like a flat map. This is why you considered the various realms of the Dream Zone you’ve explored (the Catharsis, Passive Learning, Interactive Learning, Private Coaching, and Simulation Zones) as residing on the same plane without differentiation as to level. For Dreamers who have not yet mastered the astral body, these zones represent ever higher levels of lucidity, leading from unconscious presence on the astral plane during sleep to active, intentional, and conscious exploration of the astral plane as a Ranger.

“If you don’t need these markers of growth as indicators of how you’re progressing with the mastery of the astral body, the notion of subzones is largely irrelevant. They can sometimes be useful if you have missions with respect to Shades at various stages of the Astral Afterdeath Zone.

“The only useful aspect of your collapsible outline analogy is that it neatly describes the difference between what in Sanskrit is called adhibhautika and ativahika bodies. An adhibhautika body is confined to a particular plane and subplane, experiencing it as the only reality.

[I first encountered these terms in an ancient Hindu scripture called the Yoga-Vasistha. My nonphysical Teachers have been helping me understand the distinction between these two forms of our energy bodies for the last two years. It has not been an easy set of lessons. One conclusion I’ve come to is that there are two bodies associated with each plane. Hence we have the ordinary astral body, which is an adhibhautika body, and a meta-astral body, which is an ativahika body.

The word adhibhautika means “composed of the elements of,” and so refers to an astral body that is made up of the matter of a particular astral subplane and therefore confined to it. The word ativahika means “going onward or beyond,” hence free of any particular subplane and therefore able to perceive and travel within all levels of the astral plane–hence a meta-astral body.

The theosophical notion of the microcosmic and macrocosmic (or cosmic) planes corresponds to this idea of two bodies on the astral plane. On the microcosmic plane, we experience an astral plane subdivided into seven subplanes. The highest of these subplanes is the most real, in the sense of being closest to the Source. The six lower subplanes are differentiations of that most real version of astral matter, becoming ever more dense and less real (in the sense of increasing distant from the Source–hence the increasingly purgatorial or hellish qualities of the lowest subplanes).

On the macrocosmic plane, we experience the entire astral plane, with its seven subplanes, as if it were itself a single subplane (the second) in what is called the cosmic physical plane. That cosmic physical plane has seven subplanes, including mental, nirvanic, monadic, and divine subplanes. The mental subplane comprises our entire microcosmic mental plane with its seven subplanes, and so on. Then come the cosmic astral and cosmic mental planes, which represent ever increasing degrees of sharing our connection with the divine mind of the Source.

According to theosophical teachings, these levels of being are scarcely attainable by human consciousness. However, it is possible for us to operate on the cosmic physical plane–and when we’ve mastered all seven subplanes of our microcosmic astral plane, we have access to the ativahika body of the astral subplane of the cosmic physical plane. Then it’s possible for us to experience the entire microcosmic astral plane and its even subplanes as if it were all one. The present adventure and the explanations of the Administrator help to make clear what it means to have access to a meta-astral body.]

“Shades and nonlucid Dreamers operate in adhibhautika bodies for a variety of reasons outlined above. They go to the subplane that represents their level of spiritual development at a particular moment in their progression through the Afterlife (Shades) or in a particular stage of the present lifetime or of their overall reincarnational history (Dreamers).

“Rangers may experience an adhibhautika body for the purposes of participating fully and without distraction in a simulation designed to master a particular chakra, as described. In all cases, the learning required confines people to a particular state of consciousness and level, and to a body that can’t move beyond that state of consciousness and level until certain conditions have been fulfilled.

“An ativahika body derives from the cosmic physical plane–in this case, from the astral subplane, which contains the seven subplanes under discussion. That body has free access to all subplanes of the astral plane without restriction. There are no further lessons to learn about the chakras and subplanes, only missions to accomplish on the astral plane, usually in connection with Shades, and only when such missions have been assigned by a Ranger’s superiors.

“Freedom of motion on the astral plane does not imply freedom of decision making about what you’ll accomplish there. All realms of being within your universe are guided by the master intention, whether you’re aware of it and consciously aligned with it or not. So every mission must be in service, for the greater good of all. It must be an expression of your individual life purpose, and of the desire to bring yourself and others closer to Source.

“Even willful, identity-based behavior will be guided by the master intention. Individuals predisposed to see themselves as in complete control of their reality with no higher entities above them to which they are beholden will nevertheless be bent to the evolutionary purposes of the Source. They may  develop great strength in the process, even as so-called black magicians. But I see from your energy field that you know all about that.

“It’s one of the great jokes among us Administrators to note the irony of how these self-serving, arrogant Rangers are constantly bent to the will of the higher powers they assume do not exist or have no influence over them. ‘There goes one of the high and mighty,’ we tell ourselves when we encounter such. Then we ignore them so as not to disturb their serene complacency of belief in their superiority.

“Such Rangers have no mission, except perhaps to experience the joys and limitations of a seemingly untrammeled development of the will. Though the joys they experience are never satisfying, this only inflames them to assert their will on a bigger, seemingly impossible project–whose achievement also will not satisfy them.

“These limitations are rarely apparent to them until a late stage in their development, though they’re always apparent to us watching from the sidelines. Eventually, such Rangers may develop to the point of becoming useful in the process of creating universes. They may then experience the rebellion of some portion of their own creation against the laws they’ve established. It’s their karma to learn all the lessons of outwitting such rebellious creatures that their own creators had to learn with respect to them.

“By that time, however, they have the same tolerant sense of humor about such rebellions as we do, who are more closely allied with the Source and operate within the laws it has established for our own and others’ growth. Be compassionate toward them when you encounter them in physical reality, even when your interactions with them would not be considered pleasant by the ego’s standards of measurement.”

Once again I paused to look around, marveling at the crowds of tourists bustling about in Summerland. The Administrator interrupted my reverie.

“I’d like to ask you to do something for me,” she said.

“Anything you ask,” I replied. “I know a mission when I’m offered one and respectfully obey.”

“Well,” she said, “it’s not really a new mission. Remember, one purpose of the present mission is to offer this tour of the astral plane’s subplanes to your friend Roberta to help her with the process of mastering her astral body.”

“Yes, of course,” I said. “I wouldn’t think of holding back this information from her–and several others who will doubtless benefit from it.”

“So here’s what I would like you to do,” the Administrator said. “Just rise up above the level we’re on. Then come back and tell me what you see.”

“Okay,” I said. “I hope I don’t startle the natives. They seem pretty earthbound.”

“Exactly,” the Administrator replied, somewhat mysteriously and with a twinkle in her eye.

I did as she instructed. No one seemed to notice my flight. As before, the tourists completely ignored our presence.

From above the Summerland level of the astral plane, I could see a wide river. Land was visible on the other side. On our side were the piers I’d noticed earlier, as on the waterfront in Seattle. I drifted back down to join my companion and tell her what I’d observed.

“I’m guessing that the land on the other side of the river is the mental plane, since I’ve seen a similar boundary between the planes on other visits to Summerland,” I concluded.

“That’s correct,” the Administrator said. “Now let me explain why I asked you to make this little flight.

“First, the denizens of this level, the Shades behaving like tourists on vacation, couldn’t see you or me and stayed firmly wedded to the ground. They were in adhibhautika bodies, confined to the seventh level of the astral plane. You were in an ativahika body, which is not so confined.

“Second, you could have risen as ‘high’ as you wished without encountering the boundary to the mental plane, which you saw in horizontal rather than vertical terms. Meanwhile, the subplanes of the astral plane got flattened out horizontally as well, and you perceived them as piers.

“Now, remember that when Roberta left you to go to the Passive Learning Zone, which you perceived as a movie theater, you could see the theater several steps below you. Also, when we visited the amphitheater, we stayed on the upper level, but you could look down to the stage level where the Jesuit-like Facilitator was preaching.

“These are all characteristics of a cosmic physical body. If you had mastered only the astral body, you would be operating in the cosmic physical astral body. That body would be unconfined on the astral plane. It could be seen by all denizens of the astral plane, regardless of level.

“Since you and I can’t be seen by the denizens of Summerland, we’re not operating in the cosmic physical astral body. You could say, along with some theosophists, that you’re operating in a mental body on the astral plane–meaning either the mental body or the causal body. You would not be incorrect, but you would also not be quite precise.

“Remember that you met me a year ago on the highest subplane of the mental plane. By then you had mastered the mental and the causal body and were in the process of establishing your consciousness in the buddhic body. You also had access to the cosmic physical mental body, which meant full freedom of movement throughout the entire mental plane. Yet it was some time before you began to explore the possibilities of the cosmic physical mental body.

“In the adventure in which you first visited the ashram at the highest level of the mental plane, you were told that if you stepped off what you perceived as a path in the garden before the ashram. You could move instantly to any level of the mental or the astral place. [AC 405A: March 31, 2010 (not published).]

“You were not yet able to understand the mechanism of such travel so I wanted you to experience its astral plane equivalent. You’re still in the cosmic physical mental body, but because you’re operating on the cosmic physical astral subplane, the travel mechanism is the same as you experienced on the highest level of the mental plane. Because you’re not at the leading edge of your growth, what you experience on the highest level of the astral plane feels less intense and confusingly unfamiliar, which makes it an ideal teaching ground for a lesson such as this.

“The characteristics of a cosmic physical mental body [or meta-mental body] are as follows. First, you have free access to the entire mental plane and the planes below it. It is therefore an ativahika body–and if you continue to use the term, it’s probably best to reserve it for the cosmic physical bodies. The other term, adhibhautika, would refer to the bodies confined to individual planes and subplanes, what you call the etheric, astral, mental, and causal bodies.

“The second characteristic of the cosmic physical mental body is that you’re able to perceive the mental plane or any lower plane as a flat landscape with the subplanes spread out side by side before you as distinct regions undifferentiated by level. It’s as if you were able to perceive the subheadings in your collapsible outline superimposed on the heading, but without their bleeding into or blocking each other.

“Third, when you turn your attention to a particular level of the mental or a lower plane, you’re instantly there, with little sense of travel and no bleed through from the surrounding levels. You experienced this in the mental ashram adventure when you jumped from the highest to the lowest level of the mental plane, then from the highest level of the mental plane to the lowest level of the astral plane.

“Fourth, when you wish to observe what’s going on at a particular level without leaving the highest subplane, it opens out before your perception as if you were looking down into an aquarium through a glass floor. The intervening levels may not appear.”

“So that’s what happened when I saw the movie theater below the Cultural Center,” I said.

“Yes,” the Administrator replied. “You were seeing from the seventh subplane down to the fourth with no interference from the fifth and sixth subplanes. The same thing happened when we looked in on the Jesuit-like Facilitator–except we were looking in on the fifth subplane from the seventh, without interference from the sixth.

“You experienced a fifth ability of the cosmic physical mental body when I asked you to rise up and look down at the landscape spread before you. Without crossing over into the mental plane, you were able to achieve a level of perception that provided you with an overview of the astral plane. This ability is the reverse of the one just explained.

“In one case, you’re able to zero in on a particular location on the astral plane, as if viewing it with a telescope that seems to bring distant objects closer by magnifying them. In the other, you’re able to expand your perspective so the entire contents of the plane can be seen in all their relations to each other, as if spread out on a flat map.”

“But that’s no different from the second characteristic you listed,” I said.

“You’re right if you look only at the result of this ability, which is the flat map,” the Administrator explained. “But there’s a difference between moving around on the highest subplane of the astral plane while experiencing the lower levels as if they were contiguous neighborhoods on the same plane and perceiving an overview which appears as a flat map spread out below you.

“You experienced the first case when the present adventure began. To bring Roberta with you to the seventh level of the astral plane, you had to scramble up what you perceived as a steep slope. That brought her from her normal level of perception on the astral plane, the fourth subplane, to the fifth, that of the mansions. You then passed the library, representing the sixth subplane, to arrive at the Cultural Center representing the seventh.

“For you, the movement from the fifth to the seventh subplanes occurred as if you were walking along a flat sidewalk. This is typical of experience in a cosmic physical body. If you were able to ask Roberta about her experience, she would have said that she was rising or that you were lifting her up.

“For someone in a cosmic physical body, the highest subplane of the astral plane may be experienced in two ways. You can seem to be in it, as in this case; or you can seem to be above it, as you were a moment ago. In the first case, your focus is on the seventh astral subplane. In the second, your focus is on the astral subplane of the cosmic physical plane.

“I wanted you to understand the mechanism behind this difference so it would be easier for you to differentiate between these perspectives. On some of your visits to the mental plane with Athena, you seemed to begin from Summerland but were able to look down on the mental plane as if it were below you. [For example, in AC 385B: January 9, 2010. Unpublished.]

“You were employing the ability of the cosmic physical mental body to look down from the cosmic physical plane. Your location was the astral subplane of the cosmic physical plane, but because you were in the cosmic physical mental body, you could also see the mental plane as a flat surface spread out below you–as a body of water into which you were able to dive to enter the mental plane.” [As in AC 380: December 26, 2009. Unpublished.]

“Okay,” I said. “I’m beginning to get it. But there’s one thing I’m confused about. You keep saying I’ve achieved the cosmic physical mental body. Is this the same as the causal body? My understanding is that we develop two bodies on the mental plane, each with its own set of chakras. How do I reconcile this notion with what you’re implying–that the result of our evolution on the mental plane is a single cosmic physical mental body? Wouldn’t there be a mental version and a causal version?”

“Your question is reasonable, though not easy to answer,” the Administrator replied. “You could think of the mental body, as you currently understand it, as a half-evolved cosmic physical mental body.

“Theosophy assigns the lower four subplanes of the mental plane to this body, which means that the mental body involves the development of the first four chakras of the cosmic physical mental body. The causal body has been assigned the upper three subplanes of the mental plane, so it involves the development of the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras of the cosmic physical mental body. When both the mental body and the causal body have been mastered, you have a fully functional cosmic physical mental body.

“A similar pattern occurs on the astral plane, but goes unnoticed for a variety of reasons. The first four subplanes of the astral plane, along with their associated chakras, have already been mastered by the majority of beginning astral projectors. So there’s no perception of achieving this mastery as a process of developing a separate lower astral body. For this majority, the development of the astral body–the leading edge of their growth–will usually be focused on the fifth, sixth, and seventh subplanes and their chakras. The goal is to achieve a fully functional vehicle of consciousness on the astral plane–and that’s the cosmic physical astral body.

“There’s also a cosmic physical physical body, though this is rarely achieved. Most people have access only to the lower physical body, representing the first four chakras. The upper three chakras have been described as the etheric body rather than as the upper physical body.”

“Actually, some theosophists assign the lower physical body to the first three chakras only,” I said.

“Limitation of the lower physical body to those chakras would be true of staunch materialists. They would have a sense of being in a body on the physical plane, and of being able to move freely on the physical plane and no other plane. The fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras would be partially developed, resulting in the ability to perceive other people as people and differentiate between them (though this perception is often faulty, resulting in poor treatment of others), the ability to communicate with others (also often faulty, resulting in frequent misunderstanding), and a coherent and intelligible perception of the world (again often faulty because the nonphysical underpinnings of physical reality aren’t perceived).

The seventh chakra is completely undeveloped. Thus materialists are unable to sense the dead or other etheric beings, such as nature spirits (fourth chakra), communicate with them (fifth chakra), perceive the etheric or upper physical plane aspects of reality (sixth chakra), or free themselves from physical plane perceptual biases (seventh chakra). With the development of the seventh chakra, the fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras of the cosmic physical physical body come fully online and perception of the etheric dimensions of physical reality become available.

“The lower half of each plane is more material than the upper half and is therefore easier to achieve. In fact, you could say that the ordinary human being of average intelligence and spiritual development (say, to the young soul level), functions with a lower physical, a lower astral, and a lower mental body. This is what you mean when you say the faculties of these bodies in use or under development in most people, but not the characteristics that make them fully functional as vehicles of consciousness on a particular plane.

“So everyone has not only an awareness of presence in a physical body (first chakra), presence on a physical plane (second chakra), and ability to move on this plane (third chakra), but also an awareness of having emotions (first chakra of the astral body), of an emotional space within themselves (second chakra), and of an ability to move within this space (third chakra). By ‘emotional space,’ I mean a mood. By moving within this space, I mean moving from mood to mood.

“Furthermore, everyone has an awareness of having thoughts (first chakra of the mental body), of a thought space (second chakra), and of an ability to move within that space (third chakra). By ‘thought space,’ I mean that sense of ‘being in one’s head’ that people so often notice and comment on in themselves and others. By moving within that space, I mean thinking as people normally experience it.

“The fourth chakra of the astral body only begins to develop as you perceive other people as emotional beings. Even then, it’s only half developed. The other half comes when you begin to explore and interact with nonphysical beings on the astral plane. The fifth chakra of the astral body develops in the same way–first through learning to communicate feelings to others, then through communicating with other beings on the astral plane.

“The sixth chakra adds what is sometimes called emotional intelligence, or empathy–but at first only as it applies to your experience if other people on the physical plane. Later, you may develop emotional intelligence or empathy with respect to denizens of the astral plane.

“The seventh chakra of the astral body is not available to most human beings. A desire to become a Ranger and explore nonphysical reality through dreams and out-of-body experiences brings it online. Then it becomes possible to add in the missing aspects of the fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras.

“The same pattern of development unfolds on the mental plane. Keep in mind that in all cases, the goal is the development of a fully functional vehicle of consciousness on a particular plane. That means the cosmic physical body–the ativahika body–of that plane. Thus the chakras I’m talking about are those of the cosmic physical body of that plane.

“From this perspective, the mental body is, as I said, a partially developed cosmic physical mental body. It correlates to the ordinary level of development of the physical body and the astral body. The first three chakras are in evidence, the fourth, fifth, and sixth are only partially developed, and the seventh chakra is offline.

“Dreamers with this configuration are sometimes able to access the lower mental plane Dream Zone. Shades with this configuration are able to be present in a sleepy or half-conscious way on the lower mental plane Afterdeath Zone. In neither case will there be full awareness of the presence of Facilitators operating at this level or of interactive communication with them. Such Dreamers and Shades are relatively passive, primarily taking in information rather than actively seeking it. Even the third chakra of the mental body still needs work.

“People who are said to be developing the causal body are adding in the missing pieces of the half-developed cosmic physical mental body–the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chakras.”

“I’m beginning to grasp the concepts you’re presenting,” I said. “But in my psychic development classes, we often work with the chakra systems of the etheric, astral, mental, and causal bodies. To clairvoyant sight, it seems that each of these bodies has a complete chakra system. I can’t quite connect this with what you’re saying.”

“Few of your students are actively cultivating the development of the bodies for the purpose of exploring nonphysical reality. Therefore, the chakra systems they perceive represent the present operating state and needs of the physical body on the physical plane, the astral or emotional body on the physical plane, and the mental body on the physical plane. No attention is placed on developing the astral body on the astral plane or the mental body on the mental plane. Therefore, they aren’t working to create cosmic physical plane bodies.

“However, everything changes when they begin working on the causal body, which is the upper half of the cosmic physical mental body. What you call ‘shifting the focus of consciousness from the mental body to the causal body’ represents the activation of the seventh chakra of the cosmic physical mental body. This activation allows you to further the process of completing the cosmic physical physical body, the cosmic physical astral body, and the cosmic physical mental body so you have fully functional vehicles of consciousness–ativahika bodies–on the physical, astral, and mental planes.

“From the perspective of humans who do not have access to any of the cosmic physical bodies, it may seem as if the process of spiritual evolution involves progressively developing the energy bodies and their chakra systems from the ground up. This conception works up to a point and is therefore valid–but only up to that point.

“You’re beyond that point, which is why apparent inconsistencies between the theories of spiritual development you work with and your actual experience are beginning to crop up. You’re moving from the usual human perspective on the microcosmic planes (the physical, astral, and mental planes as ordinarily experienced) for what could be called a superhuman perspective–that of the cosmic physical plane.

“Remember that when you have access to the cosmic physical plane, you’re participating in the mind of the Source, so you now see things from that perspective. In developing this awareness of the mind of the Source, the same steps apply.

“Achieving the cosmic physical physical body is like developing the first chakra of the more familiar, microcosmic  energy bodies. You simply get a sense of contact with or being present within the mind of the Source. It may come in the form of a highly illuminating mystical experience without words or images–a blaze of inner light.

“Achieving the cosmic physical astral body is like developing the second chakra. You now have a sense of presence on the cosmic physical plane. Near-death experiencers who have had transcendent NDEs may see the evolution of the universe in the mind of God from this perspective. Usually, these are transcendental souls who needed the shock of an NDE to spur their process of self-remembering–and perhaps to overcome a death wish, the desire to return to nonphysical reality rather than fulfill their mission in physical reality.

“Achieving the cosmic physical mental body is like developing the third chakra. You’re now able to move freely on the mental, astral, and physical subplanes of the cosmic physical plane. Understanding how such movement works is what this and some other recent adventures of yours have been about.

“Remember that mastery of a particular energy body means freedom from the perceptual biases of the plane that body operates on. You can’t have an astral body operating on the astral plane and be free of the perceptual biases of that plane. But you can have a cosmic physical astral body which  originates, as it were, outside the astral plane, but operates within that plane, and is therefore free of the perceptual biases of the astral plane.

“The perceptual biases of each body and plane are all that stand between you and the Source. When you achieve a cosmic physical body, you’re able to perceive the mind of the Source more directly. You’re now free of the perceptual biases of a particular body and plane that had heretofore obscured it.

“The only other thing I’ll say on this rather large subject is that the development of the cosmic physical physical body puts you in touch with that aspect of the mind of God called the deva evolution. You then begin to perceive the action of the devas on the physical plane.

“Because of the nature of human consciousness at its present stage of development, such an awareness is dangerous. The first thought of most people would be how to control the devas to their own advantage, which is a form of black magic that creates deva karma.

“This is why you’ve been told that the etheric levels of physical consciousness, which are the source of so-called magic and miracles on the physical plane, have gone offline during this phase of human evolution. However, once the cosmic physical mental body is developed, there’s little danger of your trying to take advantage of the deva evolution in this way. This is why you’ve become so aware of the deva evolution in the course of the last year and have been surprised at the devas’ willingness to show themselves to you and offer to work with you.

“You’ve evolved beyond the desire to take advantage of them for personal gain, so your cosmic physical physical body is coming online with a corresponding increase in your ability to use your etheric vision. Such vision is always a sign that the seventh chakra of the physical body is active, but it provides only sporadic glimpses of the deva evolution until the cosmic physical mental body is in place and the development of the cosmic physical physical body is thereby enabled.”

I was mentally reeling from these revelations, which would require a revision of my world view and possibly also of my teaching methods. The Administrator read my thoughts.

“No need to change the way you teach,” she said. “It’s adequate until people get to the point of being able to understand things from a higher perspective. That is of course why I said to you that your presentation of the inner senses when you completed certain chapters of The Multidimensional Human was merely adequate. [AC 261: January 19, 2007. Unpublished.] I used that word to reflect your level of understanding at the time and what you needed to communicate with your readers, most of whom would be less evolved than you.

“You could teach them precisely because you were so much farther along the path of developing the bodies than they were. But I also knew there would come a point beyond which only the most advanced Rangers would be able to understand you and that the explanations you gave in your book would not be adequate for your understanding of the adventures in consciousness that would soon begin to unfold. What I said was not a judgment on the quality of the book, but a statement of fact about the then current stage of your understanding.

“And now, as the present lesson comes to a close, I just want to remind you of how you saw me at the beginning of this adventure. How did I appear to you?”

“You looked like one of my clients, whose last name is Newhouse. You were coming out of a gift shop with an offering basket full of wads of cash, one of which fell on the floor and was put back by a college student.”

“Yes,” the Facilitator said. “Many elements of this adventure were condensed into that image. First, I was here to provide you with instruction in how to work within your new house–i.e., the cosmic physical mental body. Second, I was coming to you to help you understand the gifts of this body, hence the gift shop. Third, the wads of cash represented a number of valuable energy information packets I had to offer you, each of which you would be able to take in and translate in the course of writing down this adventure.

“Finally, the college woman represented Roberta’s level of development. She left you to go to a lower level of the astral plane in part because she had work to do there and in part because she would not have been able to understand the energy information packets I was offering you, even though some of them were ostensibly for her. You would have to translate them for her.

“Roberta faded out of your awareness as you recognized me and focused yourself more solidly on the level of being I was operating from, the cosmic physical plane.”

I thanked the Administrator for all she had revealed to me and woke up. It was still early in the night. After using the bathroom, I went back to bed and had several other dreams, but none of the depth or intensity of this one.

[One aftereffect of this adventure was that I realized most if not all of my dreams now take place on the mental plane, which is why I no longer write them down as images and go directly to the interpretations. These dreams use people and situations as indications of forces in play and movements of energy within my consciousness, pointing out where I may be stuck and what I need to do to reestablish a sense of flow. Surreal elements are rare, as well as the emotional drama or discharge typical of astral plane dreams.]