The Multidimensional Human: Summary

The Multidimensional Human: Practices for Psychic Development and Astral Projection is an intuitive, holistic, and experiential guide to out-of-body experiences, lucid dreams, astral projection, and other adventures in consciousness. It’s intuitive because it addresses the development of psychic or intuitive abilities available to all of us, simply by being human.

As human beings, we’re multidimensional. Every one of us has access to a number of energy bodies that function in various physical and nonphysical planes or dimensions. Familiarity with the powers and limitations of these energy bodies is essential for exploring our multidimensionality.

Each energy body comes with a set of inner senses. If we don’t know how to use these senses, we can’t perceive the realities we visit, figure out what plane we’re on, travel between planes, or meet and interact with the nonphysical beings we encounter there.

The Multidimensional Human is holistic because it provides a comprehensive program for solving astral projection problems-- such as seeing nothing, feeling unable to move, and asking questions of nonphysical beings who pretend we’re not there-- before they occur. The key is to develop the senses that come with our energy bodies.

We can do so in out-of-body states or lucid dreams. But the inner senses are also available to us in waking reality. If we deepen our awareness of how they operate in waking reality, then they’re instantly and easily available during astral projection and other adventures in consciousness.

The Multidimensional Human is experiential because it offers twenty-five spiritual practices to develop the inner senses and suggestions for how to integrate these practices into daily life. These practices enrich our experience of life on the physical plane as they prepare us to explore other planes and energy bodies--from entering the consciousness of a tree to mapping the Afterlife through astral projection.

Integrating information about the energy bodies, planes, and inner senses from the ancient spiritual traditions of Theosophy and the writings of the channeled entity Seth, while drawing on the author’s thirty-five years of astral projection experience, this book demonstrates how we can all become multidimensional humans.