The Unanswered Question: Contents

Table of contents for The Unanswered Question: Death, Near-Death, and the Afterlife. In this book, I alternated between two perspectives on the topic. The odd chapters present my research into many traditions about the Afterlife, ancient and modern. The even chapters (sometimes I think of them as the "really odd" chapters, are more personal, detailing my explorations of the Afterlife through out-of-body experiences, astral projection, and lucid dreams.


Part I: Initiation

Chapter 1: The Unanswered Question

Chapter 2: Beginnings

Chapter 3: The Near-Death Experience

Chapter 4: Adventures in Consciousness

Chapter 5: Story Time

Chapter 6: Places to Go, People to See

Chapter 7: Betwixt and Between: The Bardo of Becoming

Chapter 8: “Pure Celestial Eyes”

Part II: Heavens, Hells, and In-Betweens

Chapter 9: Heavens and Hells

Chapter 10: The Holding Zone and the Release Zone

Chapter 11: The “Other” Christianity

Chapter 12: Confused Souls

Chapter 13: Purgatory and Possession

Chapter 14: The Afterlife as an Opera House

Part III: The Soul’s Journey

Chapter 15: The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Chapter 16: Sending a Soul

Chapter 17: The Well-Equipped Spirit

Chapter 18: The Net of the Fisher Gods

Chapter 19: The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Netherworld

Chapter 20: A Campground in the Afterlife

Chapter 21: The Hall of Justice

Chapter 22: Judging a Suicide

Chapter 23: The Sun-Barque’s Journey

Chapter 24: Looking Back from the Sun-Barque

Part IV: Coming Back from the Life to Come

Chapter 25: Reincarnation

Chapter 26: A Funeral of One’s Own

Chapter 27: The Swedish Book of the Dead

Chapter 28: Interview with an Angel

Chapter 29: The Buddha of the North

Chapter 30: Death’s Other Countries

Chapter 31: Closing the Womb Door

Chapter 32: The Parent Circus

Chapter 33: The Afterlife: Myth or Reality?